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I don’t really like watching movies in theaters, unless it’s lazy boy seats. I prefer watching movies at the comfort of my own home! I can stay in my sofa for hours. Once, I tried to marathon a comedy series for 24 hours, no sleep and no meal at all. I was just lying sideways on the sofa while watching. In between breaks, I drink water then go to the bathroom. I don’t advise you to do the same because it is unhealthy. The next day came, I couldn’t get up and my head and my left shoulder was terrible in pain. I never want to do it again for this reasons:

It can cause strain to your eyes which may lead to eye problems, uncomfortable and non-stop playing of DVD might cause problems to your player.

It would be nice if I can have an lg home theatre system someday – huge TV screen and surround-sound system – with a lazy boy and fully air conditined room!



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