My Toe Nail Just Came Off

I slipped on the floor as I walked out of the bathroom this morning, I felt a little pain and when I looked at it…WTH! Half of my hallux nail just fell off from its toe. It is now only attached down one side of it. There was a little pain and blood but what shocked me is seeing the skin so exposed, my instincts told me to put back my nail but it wont fit nyahaha. Band aid helped me to put them back together LOL. I want to just pull it off completely so it wont be too much of a hassle, anyway, it’ll grow back in 3-4mos time, but I think it’s better if I wait until it falls off naturally.

I’m actually not new to this experience…in fact this is the 3rd time I had nail falling off my toe. I know, I must have done something bad in my past life to deserve this. This seems to be happening every 10 years to me! Arghh! I hate this! So uncomfortable, esp. when sleeping, I have to be careful so my toe wont touch anything.

Now everything I planned for the coming months – visiting Corregidor with my officemates, reunion with HS classmates, Boracay with Ruth, Mimi and Syana, jogging @AFP – will not push through.


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