Missing College

Ruth and I laughed and cried together when we saw our college photos from Mimi. OMG. So many things happened in these past years. Many things changed, the most drastic would be our weights. All 3 of us have grown so much bigger hahaha. I was surprise to see how I can wear my shirt tucked in haha. Dang! I badly want to fit in those college jeans once more! I tried different diet plans, they did work but I just don’t have the passion to keep doing it until I reach my ideal weight. I always find myself giving up in the middle LOL. What can I do? I think I was born this lazy. Should I just take in Lipofuze instead?

Lord teach me to fight the temptation of eating more than what I need and help me to get back to playing badminton and running again.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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