Today’s Realization

I just realized today that 7 out of 10 in our department are overweights. What the heck is wrong with us?! Maybe, it’s because of the long hours we spend in the office sitting and pretending like we’re all working hard LOL. I think it’s high time we put all the excuses aside, and do what it takes to get fit and healthy again. Time to hit the court once more! But with papers filing up left and right, I am not so sure if we’ll succeed.

You know if alli does it work? I heard it’s like Xenical too. I used Xenical before, I could say it’s safe,effective and can be bought over the counter (no prescription needed). The only side effect is that orange oily discharge that sometimes comes with no warning, so you have to wear pads all the time. Eeeiwww, so messy! But if you can tolerate that, I can honestly say Xenical is quite effective, and it’s a little expensive too.


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