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Must get these le creuset cookwares! They actually come in different colors but I like the black and white ones. So classy!

If we’re friends on FB, you’ve probably seen my wall updates about my newfound hobby these past days. When I’m not soo busy, I’m usually in the kitchen having fun cooking different PACHAM dishes. I cook just about anything what I see on TV or read in magazines. I like to experiment a lot, many times, I just pick whatever is on left on the fridge and toss them altogether, adding a little salt and pepper and that’s it. I can’t say I’m a good at cooking yet, but oftentimes, I think I’m doing ok hahaha. My specialty? None. The thing is when I cook, there’s not a dish that tastes exactly the same because I don’t really know the proper way of cooking them (the Adobo I cooked last week isn’t the same Adobo I cooked yesterday LOL).

If you want to know more about my Pacham dishes, check out my food blog, Pacham Diaries. Thanks!


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