Sha Tin

HK has a wonderful transportation system. Taxis, public bus and tram are very convenient . They also have underground and above-ground train transportation that connects all parts of HK. Although HK is very tourist friendly, I don’t think I can tour it alone given that they have many junctions, streets, exit signs etc.

When we visited 2 years ago, I forgot how many times we got lost going to places. The most memorable was when we visited the 10,000 Bhuddas Monastery at Sha Tin. We spent 10,000 years just to get to the top and then it came raining when we were going down so we went home drained in waters, nevertheless, it was fun.

If you’re not fit for trekking, this is not a must see place to visit. I don’t remember how long it took us to climb the uphill, it was tiring but the monastery at the top and the views are breathtaking! While there, you’ll be amazed to see so many buddhas in different forms and sizes left and right.

To go there, ride the MTR/KCR going to the Sha Tin station then head towards the Park Road. Once you see Ikea, turn left, passing the Shatin City Hall. If you have spare time, visit Snoopy World (also in Sha Tin) and have fun taking pictures with Charlie and his friends.

Kids and adults will surely love this place. Snoopy was my most favorite cartoon character (i like Mickey now) so our visit here turned out to be extra enjoyable for me haha. Other tourist attractions in Sha Tin include the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, New Town Plaza (shopping mall) and Sha Tin Park.


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