Happy Heart’s Day

Happy Heart’s Day everyone! How did you celebrate your Valentine? If you ask me well today is pretty ordinary just like everyday. I went to work very early in the morning, spent 11 hrs in the office, went to the bank and then pampered myself! No flowers, no fancy chocolates like the ones from easter basket wife, no date etc., it’s just like the usual office-home routine. Pretty boring but I’m okay with it.

And today’s also the birthday of my youngest brother! Topel, if you’re reading this, please remember that I am very proud of you. Happy birthday! Always live a very good  and happy life.

Doesn’t matter if you’re single or engaged, Valentine can be celebrated in many ways. For independent and career woman like me hahaha I spent the rest of my days loving myself HAHAHA. I hope you also had fun today. Mwaah!


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5 Responses to Happy Heart’s Day

  1. Dennis says:

    Happy Birthday to your brother! I spent my valentine’s day by going to the Hot Air balloon fiesta in Clark base pampanga with my family and friends! :D

  2. euford says:

    hi im euford im also a bloger

    just visit my site:http://eufordphoenix.wordpress.com

  3. malensky says:

    hi there euford, i’m malensky and i’m a blogger too! thanks for dropping by :)

  4. malensky says:

    @ Neutral Universe, yes I am! hope you’re happy too and thank you for visiting

    @ Dennis, was there last year with my friends, it was fun, first time in years to see a real hot air balloon, then we went straight to Subic to try the tree top adventure, it was scary!!!

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