Dying With Honor Than To Live in Disgrace

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He said:

Honor is above all else. More valuable than freedom or even life itself. Therefore, honor must be guarded/defended with your life.

Sorry, but I don’t see honor in what he did.

 Why kill yourself (and go to hell) because you’ve done wrong, how is that dying with honor? Choosing to end his life because he felt humiliated at having been exposed pocketing 50M, that’s not very honorable for me (more like selfishness actually). That’s just choosing to save his butt from embarrasment.

Now all his victories in the battlefield are useless because he defeated with the battle against himself. He could have just taken the responsibility for his faults because either way – alive or dead – the fact that he pocketed MILLIONS will never be changed.

Truth is, if I was him, I would probably grab that 50M too because I am human and by nature, I am greedy like that LOL. I am not here to justify, just saying that we human are created to resist/give in to temptations and when caught in a situation such as that, I am most likely 99% going to give in. Believe me, when it comes to money matters, I’m too blind to see what’s right or wrong HAHAHA (ok, i’m not that evil..just being realistic). But at least, I make sure to take the consequences of my actions.

Yes, I’d rather live in disgrace than die pretending I am righteous and honorable, depriving my families and friends of the truth. The bible says, truth shall set us free, so what we can do and should do is to seek truth and to serve it when we have found it.

Sec. Reyes must have gone through unbearable guilt and hopelessness but still, I don’t think killing one’s self is the solution to every problem. If you’re going through tough times, remember that other solutions are almost always available.

Call it heroic, idiotic, honorable, selfish etc. I just hope his death open the doors in cleaning up the corrupt system in all levels of our government.

Condolences to the family.


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