1st Wish for 2011

The 2nd half of 2010 proved to be very positive and lucky for me. I had the chance to travel, won several challenges (TBL Challenge and Survivor) and bagged my 3rd iPOD Shuffle within 2.7 years (1st iPOD here) LOL. I had green, pink and this year, it’s GOLD. What’s amazing is that I got them all for free!

Lord, I don”t want to complete all 6 colors, I don’t want another shuffle this year or the coming years. Pleasee help me find ways and means to have an iphone this time. I.WANT.IT.SOOOO.BAD!!! I’m praying for an iphone  to come down right from heaven one of these days HAHA.

I’ve always believed that if you really want things to happen in your life, you need to blog about it haha. It’s the same as writing your dreams on your journal/diary. Focus on them and be committed in making them happen, then wait ’til you see how all forces of the universe conspire to make things happen for you.

Yessss, I can smell my new iphone this year.


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2 Responses to 1st Wish for 2011

  1. Dennis says:

    good luck! Ako naman gusto ko ng shuffle for this year. Haayz! So many gadgets so little money to buy them all! hahahaha!

  2. malensky says:

    ako, iphone and/or ipad and flip!!! hay naku, ang hirap maging poverty

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