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SO I was successful finally in changing my template, but found out later that comments are not showing. When i saw the words FATAL ERROR, it scared the hell out of me. Just yesterday morning, I accidentally killed this blog and now here comes another terrifying moment…

I fixed it by following THIS.

<?php // echo avatar_by_id( $comment->user_id, 32 ); ?>

Just add // between php and echo.

I didn’t expect it to be THAT EASY. HAHA. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to learn new things everyday…and for saving me from those nosebleeding days that’s hard to endure.


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I am fine. Thank you!
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3 Responses to Comments Not Working

  1. chuva says:

    Wow! Bagong damit na naman. Buti ka pa. Ako walang panahon (i.e. Takot) na magpalit ng damit.. I am getting tired of my template also.. but what can I do…

    Honestly, your blog loads faster with this new template… Congratulations!!!

  2. malensky says:

    ditseee! after 48 years, i finally had the courage to change my template! ang takot ko din kaya. this site was down for a day bec. the tempate i uploaded wasn’t compatible with my WP version. buti na lang, willing to help and PagePH

    never fear, ditse! i’m here!!! charrrot! HAHAHA. good luck and pls. feature my Neil on your chuvahotness series.

    Malen Ada-Etehridge

  3. Galing o! Yan din yung nakita kong error nung nag comment ako e. pag naka error ako. tatawagan kita. hehehe. ano nga number mo? ;)

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