Kiss the Rain by Yiruma

I was browsing the net when I ran into Yiruma, listened to couple of his music and then BAM!!! I’m in love once moreee!!! HAHA

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Dang it! He’s only 32 and considered to be the world’s greatest South Korea pianist and composer! I am 30 and still good at nothing haha. I swear, when I have kids of my own, I’ll let them study music and play the piano until they cry from hurting their fingers! LOL

Here’s a video of him playing Kiss the Rain, my fave so far. I also like “Maybe”, “River Flows in You”, “Beloved”, “I” etc.

Yiruma – Kiss The Rain
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He is known for creating colorful music that uplift spirits. True indeed because when I first heard KISS THE RAIN, it reminded me soo much of the happy days of my younger years.

Check out his MySPACE and official WEBSITE


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