Caught Between a Bonsai and a Puppy

Ola! I’m baaaack!!!

I’m planning to tend a bonsai tree or buy a cute puppy that doesn’t bark and bite to lessen my boredom HAHAHA

I don’t exactly have a green thumb nor I’m a pet advocate so I wonder how I’ll survive if I decide to do it?

You know I’m scared of dogs. I faint whenever i hear a dog barking. LOL. I bite my tongue as hard as I can (those stuff they tell you when you’re young) and I pray when I see one approaching me. They’re like the 2nd scariest animal in this planet, next to reptiles and I hate them but I’d like to own just one tiny little puppy, maybe it’ll help me overcome my fears. Only problem is I don’t really know if I could love a dog as much as I could love a human being.

And I loveeee looveee gardening and farming and picking fruits and climbing on trees etc. LOL

I have always been fascinated with Bonsai. Very artistic. It gives the same amount of satisfaction you get from painting and designing. Since I s*ck at both, I thought maybe it’s better if I could try to divert my attention to something else – like tending a bonsai. They’re cheaper and they don’t bark, but I really really like to have a puppy too!


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