Exercise Equipments at Home

I was surprised to see Mayeen (college friend) weeks ago at Trinoma. She looked so fine and skinny! She lost 15lbs in just few weeks. Want to know her secret? It’s a life fitness treadmill machine! She would use that during her free time, usually while watching DVDs at home. She says it’s very convenient and it’s better than running/jogging outside. Wow! I wanna buy one too but I don’t have any more space for it, also, I have these exercise equipments at home already:

The Bean

The Ramp

But because of my busy work schedule, I haven’t been able to utilize both. Starting tomorrow, I plan to use the ramp at least 30mins a day. I like it a lot.  It’s like a stepper machine. It also has 4 tutorial DVDs that I can watch while exercising. Excited to see you again, Mayeen! Hope we can meet before the holiday ends!




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