All I want for Christmas is…..

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I’m not asking much for this Christmas. Just an iPad. I waant an iPad soooo baaaad, to keep me company whenever I drink my favorite latte over at Starbucks. Charrr!!!┬áHAHA. I don’t know what happened but this morning I woke up with a sudden strong desire to own an iPAD. Yesss! I want a brand new spanking iPad just because everyone else has it already LOL. I want an iPad and an iphone too! To he*l with poverty! All I have ’til now is an iPOD shuffle hahaha I got for free (from chuvachienes).

Dear Lord! Let the price drop to at least 40-50% so I can afford it. Thank you!


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  1. Reesie says:

    I lav eyt! I want an iPad too! I want the price to drop to at least 99%. Haha

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