Remembering Recto

College buddies. Heading back to Recto after school.

When I hear about Recto, I’m always instantly reminded of Isetann, rubber stamp, segunda mano books and fake diplomas. It is the busiest area in the University belt and probably the scariest too. I used to buy old reader’s digest, Mills&Boons pocketboooks and segunda mano books there. There were a lot of printing press, bookstores, old cinemas and cafeterias. I have not visited that place for years now. I wonder how much of it has changed already. Hope that tiny store where they sell collectible stamps is still there. If you need to do something in Recto, be very careful with pickpockets. They’re everywhere! I should know because I have seen a lot of those “robbing” instances. Also, I have been robbed in Recto twice already.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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