Spending Christmas at Home

The worst thing about having to work in a BPO Industry is the fact that you don’t get to experience the long holiday vacation that everybody enjoys. I really wanna spend my Christmas and NY in the barrio but I can’t. December VLs are not allowed. Besides that, airfare gets really expensive during Holidays too. I tried to book last week but the overall charge made me think otherwise. Freaking P8000 for a round trip ticket! That’s even more expensive than all my OoC travels.

If you’re looking for flight deals, book during off peak season. Several airline companies offer cheap airfare for local and international flights so make sure you have your passport number ready and credit card all the time. It will help a lot too if you plan ahead (where and when to go, plus who are the people joining you). Enjoy the holidays!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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