Bullying is Bad

I heard a saddening story from my brother about a young seaman who committed suicide after receiving numerous threats from his captain. OMG. How can someone be that brutal! My brother said the captain was notorious for being a brute in his treatment of his men and have had many haters and enemies already. The seaman was fairly new and being unused to sea sickness, the captain bullied him, telling him to jump off the ocean if he vomits again. I don’t know the extent of that captain’s brutality but they’re all blaming him. In my opinion, that captain should be held responsible. I hope the bereaved family files a case and ask help from a Maritime Injury Lawyer. It’s not fair.

I know, being away from the family is soo damn hard but I wish everyone becomes strong to overcome sadness and all negativities in life. Let’s all be happy.


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