Of Pride and Kimura Takuya, Maybe.

I finally finished watching my first Dorama ever!! 2 of my dear friends introduced me to this drama last week. I love it! To summarize the whole story, it’s about:

Pride and Waiting

It’s not the usual highschool kdramas. Parang intended sya for 21+ yo audience.

I also love how they incorporate HOCKEY in the story. Oh yes!!! It’s MIGHTY DUCKS in a whole different level. LOL. Fave ko ang MIGHTY DUCKS when I was younger.

The story can make you fall in love with the leading man. Ang gwapo ni Kimura Takuya.I am obsessed!!!! He’s insanely handsome. Not your typical lollipop asian cute boys. He’s such a good actor. Grabe ang smile nyaaaa…nakakalookkaaaaa!

Lastly, you’ll love the soundtrack. I love how they use songs from my favorite rock band ever – The Queen. I was born to love you is my favorite Freddie Mercury song, so everytime they play it…waaaahhh I get giddy.

If you’re not that busy, watch PRIDE ONLINE here and fall in love with Kimutaku:

http://www.mysoju.com/pride/ or www.instantz.net

I recommend the latter since they load fast and has the clearer version.


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