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Are you visiting Hong Kong with friends and family? Then you should definitely put Disneyland on top of your places to visit (and Ocean park too!). Contrary to what others think, Disneyland is not only for kids to enjoy. I am quite old but I really had a great time there and I’m sure my friends enjoyed the fun experience too. It’s just amazing to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse walking hand in hand together in the streets of Disneyland.

Here are some pics I took last year from our Disney vacations. Enjoy!

Sooo cold. We went there during winter season which explains the outfit (and the boots) and the rather pa-cute expressions haha.

Ride home

Thank you for visiting!

A closer look of the palace.

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange is too pricey! 24HK$ = 168P. I can buy that same drink here for 25P.

A view of Tomorrowland

Belle and Snleeping Beauty

Snow White and her friend haha (I don’t know her name RUth and I are debating if she’s Sleeping Beauty or Cinderelle)

Disney parade was a lot of fun! Make sure you watch this!

Under the sea with Arielle

Alice in WOnderland

The pumpkin is a give-away. I think she’s Cinderella.

These girls are hilarious!!!

SO cute I wanna put you in my pocket.

7 dwarves interacting with the audience.

Giant Mickey Mouse

Disney on Parade

Finding WInnie the Pooh

Jungle Tour

I promised Inday that if she’ll get good grades, I’ll bring her in HK Disneyland, hopefully next year. She seems to be pretty excited about it.


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