Reunion 2010

Finally! Met with Tikong and Myla (college buddies) last month, after many many years! So nice to see you both happy and healthy!

Tikong used to tease me a lot about my weight. I’m just soo happy that I can now do the same to him because he gained weight more than what I can imagine haha. I can now tease him non-stop. Yes, he was like a skinny-and-smart-sometimes-annoying-kind-of-boy back in college. Myla is still pretty and charming just like before.

I also had the chance to meet Leni and hubby Randy with their cute kiddo Cloud. Surprisingly, Leni didn’t change much. She still looked young and sexy even after giving birth a few months ago. Len, you know any solo slim reviews that you can share to us? So envy you.

Don’t we all look like college students?

Dinner in a Korean Resto somewhere in Alabang

Yvette, if you’re reading this, I know you want to see these pictures, so here here they are! Enjoy! Hope I could meet you too and the rest of ECE batch 9x.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. inggit naman ako… nakasama ko na sila before pero bagong kasal pa lng si leny..

    Kelan ito sis? Birthday ni myla kahapon….

    Kinukulit ko si Sonny sa FB, magpapareunion ata… Gawa tayo petition for PUPECE2001 Grand Reunion next year…

    Tapat natin pag-uwe ni Tiyana..

    Thanks for the new post.. Laki na pinayat mo… 🙂

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