Exercising Can Cause Acne Breakout

The breakouts are gone. Well not entirely, some few left here and there but they stopped appearing 3 at a time after I took a break from running last week. So my guess was right afterall. The sudden acne breakout I had was due to running/exercising. Now I’m thinking if I should just stop running once and for all LOL. Are you having the same dilemma? Here are some helpful tips on how to get rid of acne without compromising your running/jogging activities:

– Go straight to the shower after running/jogging.
– Also, do not let your sweat drip down your face. Bring a towel or use a sweatband to avoid the sweat from drying right back into your face.
– Before running/jogging, make sure you free your face from any make up (including moisturizer)

Hope it helps!


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