How would you like to experience winter here in the Philippines?

Because of our close proximity to the equator, we never really get to experience winter here in the Philippines. The closest we can get is Batanes’ cold weather during November to January. During these months, the cold winter breeze from Taiwan and China rolls over the Batanes islands providing a temperature drop to as low as seven degrees, making it possible to have a rare winter experience. This is why Ivatan houses, just as you see them in commercials, are made of at thick stone walls. I’ve never been to Batanes but I lived in Isabela during my younger years, and it’s quite cold in there during Dec to Jan too. I love that place and I had sooo many wonderful childhood memories there. Hope I can comeback again and I may even drop  by and  visit Batanes too! This year, maybe. Need to ready my thick jacket, boots, cashmere sweaters, pashmina shawl/scarf, tights, gloves/mittens and beanie ASAP.

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Delivered by Madam Auring

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