Feels Good To Be a Winner

I won the TBL challenge. Yehey! It was fun.

Here are the set of questions provided by the organizer. Read read read and rate my Q&A talent. LOL

What was your lifestyle before joining TBL?My life revolves around the office, apartment and internet with 5-6 meals/snacks (maybe even 7) in between.

What motivated you to join this event? Personally, it’s the money. I’m not gonna lie but the prize at stake served as a good motivation. HAHAHA. Didn’t you know that I am an opportunist? Yes, as long as I am healthy, alive and kicking, I will grab all opportunities to get money and more money. LOL

What were the best & worst aspects of joining the event?
Best: Tipping the scale and seeing the numbers go down after a few days of eating less and doing exercises. It feels really good.

Worst: Takes a lot of sacrifice and discipline. The last time I exercised was probably 2 years ago. When I started TBL, I sacrificed a lot of my sleeping and internetting time trying to get fit by playing badminton and jogging at least 3x a week. Can you believe that?! I almost can’t believe it myself.

What about long term changes? How has this event affected your life? I have been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember but no diet ever worked for me. I didn’t realize that I was doing it the wrong way (starving myself to death but when I finally get a chance to eat…I eat a lot) and for the wrong reasons (so I could wear those college jeans again, but come to think of it, there’s no use in wearing them since no one wears bootleg pants anymore. It’s skinny jeans now baby!)

What can you say about your teammates? Team Boomboomley FTW!

From the start, I have been very consistent with 1 goal in mind – to win the money hahaha and I’m glad I was able to achieve it. Feels really good to be a winner. The money I got, I used it for my first DSLR. Yahoooo!

Serious na, I am now 14lbs lighter. It’s not too much but it’s quite an achievement for me since I’ve never been able to lose a single lb for these past years. The road to reach my weight loss goal is still a long way but I will get there soon. 115lbs here I come! HAHAHA


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