Acne Breakout

Why oh why my face is breaking out! I recently started running and I’m wondering if that’s causing my face to develop acne (both face and body acne) left and right? I do wear a headband whenever I run, sometimes, I have it ponytailed to keep the sweat from dripping down my face.

My guess it’s because I mostly wait too long before taking a shower, like more than 1 hour after running – hang around AFP, talk with friends, then go home walking (20mins) or do a few things like shop around the market along 15th ave. Maybe the sweat dries right back into the pore & clogs them. Also, I don’t carry a face towel or hankies when I run so I just usually let my sweats dry using the back of my hand, or my shirt sleeve. Haha, I know, it sounds gross.

So next time after I run, I will go right home & straight to the shower. Will bring a towel too and wear a sweatband. I hope the breakouts will be gone after 2 weeks. Wish me luck.


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