My Phone Died This Afternoon


My 3yo 2nd hand Sony Ericsson Walkman (W800i) cellphone died this afternoon after having a .5meter somersault from my desk. I found it lying breathless underneath Ruthie’s chair. I am extremely sad. I’ve had fond memories with that phone and it pains my heart to let it go just like that.

I turned it on and it’s ALIVE!!! Unfortunately, it wont detect my SIM card so I took the battery and SIM card out, rebooted it…and as soon as I click “start phone”…it died again. Argh! Today’s NOT the right time to buy a new phone! Help me BUY a new phone, donate to CHUVANESS FOUNDATION now! LOLs

Actually, I still have an extra Sony Ericsson phone at home but…..I’m not ready to use it yet because it’s so high tech haha and I’d like to keep things simple. CHARRRR!


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