Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

I’m trying so hard to keep a healthy lifestyle. Not eating rice for more than 2 weeks now. No coffee, soda and junkfoods. Last week, tried boxing, badminton and all types of Sports.

 Total weight loss – 5lbs

I could say that this is a breakthrough. I’ve never been able to lose a single lb for many many years now hahaha so this 5lbs mean a lot to me.

I don’t really like to jog before because (aside from the fact that I am lazy) I have such clumsy feet but recently, I am getting addicted to it. It’s sooo fun. It’s tiring yet relaxing. After 9 grueling hours at the office doing different jobs, I go straight to UP oval to relax myself.

I don’t know why but it makes me feel at peace. Must be the weather and all those leaves falling from the acacia trees. Feels like Autumn in New York.  🙂



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