Charice To Go Back in Star King

What a good news! I’m glad she’s going back to Star King again. She tweeted that she will return back to Star King on July 24th.

I got discovered because of this show.. Star King..

and now, I’m going back to Star King this July 24 to show my love for them! Korea!!!! :)

Her rendition of I Am Telling You I’m Not Going just blew me away. Love love love it! I probably have watched it over 50x already haha.

watch awesome vid here:

It became viral hitting million of hits in a few days. Popular American TV host Ellen DeGeneres spotted the vid and invited her to guest in her show. Later on, she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show with David Foster. And I’m sure you all have heard that she sang with Celine Dion too, Andrea Boccelli and many others.

She’s a pure talent! Heard she will be casted on Glee next season too. Wow!!!!!


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