On Noynoy and Everything Else

The madlang people have spoken…and so…my president didn’t win HAHA. But Gibo losing to Noynoy isn’t that bad, I guess. Out of all the presidentiables, Noynoy was my 3rd choice hoho. I hope he’ll do well in the next 6 years. And Binay’s winning is such a wonderful surprise! I honestly feel sorry for Mar, he wasn’t my bet but I thought he’s gonna win this election hands down. Do you think he became too complacent about winning? I think so. It appears to me that he’s all about winning. Winning safely, that is. E di ba nga he didn’t run for presidency because he knows he will not win the election against Noynoy, so he opted to run for VP instead thinking na he has the edge among others. Well too bad for him…the Jejemons have sprouted all of a sudden like mushrooms!

It’s a relief that Jamby didn’t win. Imagine, Jamby for President and Jejomar for VP….waaahh we’ll be a nation called the first Jejemon Republic LOL.

Villar’s defeat is sooo predictable. He’s overdone it. In true Jovit Baldivino fashion, too much drama will kill you! Too many annoying ads. His biggest downfall was caused by, of course, the C5 controversy plus his affiliations with Willie Revillame. Seriously, that guy is the biggest airhead on TV and anyone who affiliates with him is sooo gonna fall down. Also, he used a 2nd hand trying hard color. Erap did use orange before right? For visual artists like me (bwhahahaha), choice of color is very very important. Orange brings up images of the Halloween, horror and stuff like that, which is not really good if we talk about Feng Shui LOL. He could have used PEACH instead, the softer orange, which is friendlier and more soothing, besides, it is the most common color of Camella homes di ba? haha.

I’m guessing, the people who voted for Manny violated the voting procedures. They probably have put a check beside Manny’s name instead of shading the circle. That
can’t be helped. Didn’t his ads say, MANNY VILLAR…CHECK? HHAHAHHA

As for Bro. Eddie, I am a Christian myself but I think he should stop his worldy desire of being the first President slash Pastor NOW. Ministry position is many miles different from government position. He should at least serve the local government first. Why not start from Mayoralty, Bro. Eddie?

And hooray to my favorite tambalan… Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando hahaha. Don’t you think Dick is soo adorable when he’s pissed off? HAHAHHA. Truth is, I love
them to win this election because they make a good pair. Their rapport is overflowing. They’re the cutest and dorkiest pair ever!

As for Loren Legarda, who won the I-Look-HOT-IN-A-Backless-Gown Award last year, she deserves her loss. What’s with the DIVA attitude, girl? You know you ain’t

And as for everyone else, well well well…nice try and better luck next election.

Let’s all say no to corruption and hope for a BETTER PHILIPPINES this time.



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