Heat Exhaustion

I suffered from heat exhaustion last Monday. I was dizzy and weak the whole time, I thought it was a case of migraine since the previous week, I kept complaining about my eyesight problem. So I googled to learn more about migraines. Glad it wasn’t.

I tried to be productive at work but I was feeling nauseated the whole time. When I talked to our company nurse, she advised me to consult an optometrist. I couldn’t think straight and couldn’t work properly. The first time I experience as such. Later on, it was diagnosed to be heat exhaustion. Watch out for these signs:

muscle cramps

* tiredness

* weakness

* dizziness

* headache

* nausea or vomiting

* fainting

The weather’s really bad these days. Drink plenty of water. Wear light clothes and bring umbrella anywhere you go. Let’s all stay healthy!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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I am fine. Thank you!
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