Sa Panahon Ngayon, Mahirap Mabuhay ng Maginhawa

Monday @ 3AM, I woke up really really dizzy. I thought I was gonna collapse. Still, I managed to go to work, but I was feeling nauseated the whole time. I went straight to the clinic and was advised to take BONAMINE pangontra sa hilo hahaha. I couldn’t think striaght. Don’t tell my boss that I almost slept 3/4 of my shift LOL.

BP check and high blood ang lola nyo. I wasn’t convinced na high blood yun kase hinde naman batok yun masakit. Clearly, it was something else. Yes, that was one sign of aging. The first time I ever experienced as such.

I went home ASAP. Took a rest and the next day after, I was feeling ok na.

Jadie mentioned na baka that was heat stroke. So I consulted google. And then I remembered last Saturday, I prepared a simple feast for my bday celebration. Hakafagud. Grocery at 9. Cooking at 11 ’til 4pm. I even cleaned the bathroom. Mop the floor and non stop hugas ng pinggan. I swear, habang nagluluto ako ng carbonara eh nag si-swimming ako sa pawis HAHAHA. Kaya siguro maalat yung chicken fillet no?

Then by Sunday, I stayed at home the whole day. I woke up at around 12pm feeling sooo restless and weak. My whole body was aching. Alam mo yun, para akong binugbog. After I ate lunch and watched TV, around 4pm yata, I slept again. I realized, I wasn’t drinking enough water kaya dehydrated ang lola. And the industrial fan I bought isn’t helping at all.

By Monday…I didn’t know I was having heat exhaustion already. I still wasn’t drinking enough water eh kase nga may nag-nakaw ng MUG ko sa opis!!!!

Take care guys! Terrible ang ineet these days. Drink plenty of water. Wear light clothes. Bring payong and pamaypay anywhere you go.

PS, my sis bought a new aircon unit last day. I was half hearted to use it at first pero the heat these days is sooo bad.

Kaso we turned it off agad as soon as we saw our electric bill, from the usual 1200-1400P monthly bill, it went up up up and away to 2600P!!! Anak ng tokwaaaa! Ang taas ng singil. Ni wala pa ngang aircon yan at kelan ko lang binili yun industrial fan diba. Besides, 3 lang kami sa bahay. Paanong naging 2600P ang 1 Ref + 1 TV + electric 3 fans + 2 computer + 1 modem + 3 cellphone + 5 ilaw na hinde naman naka ON ng sabay-sabay. Ni hinde nga kami nag pa-plantsa. Every other week kami maglaba.

Grabeh. Ang hirap mabuhay ng maginhawa these days!!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Ditse… naku, ingat ingat ng kaunti… lalo na ngayon na lampas na tayo ng teens… 20 years old na tayo! Hahaha!!

    You know what brought down my HBP – – fish oil ateng. I started taking fish oil to regulate the flow of my blood sa katawan.. in one week my BP of 157/90 ay naging 120/80.. o divanetch.

    Kaya ngayon, part na siya ng regimen ko daily.

    At naku lowla, laging hydrated kailangan.. drink lots and lots of water…

    Ingat lagi…


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