SO saaad right now. Freakin saaaad.

Why oh why???


Some freak out there stole my MUG. My freakin starbucks mug!! It’s a gift drom Toni and IT IS FREAKIN EXPENSIVE LIKE 500P++, I think. Argh! I WANT MY MUG BACK.

Yah know, my eating habit depended on it. Now, I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat lunch again. My life wont be the same again without it. I will not be able to drink 8 glasses o f water because someone stole my MUG!!!!!!!

Whoever you are, you freakin mug-napper, just put my mug back on my desk or else, I will hunt you until my last breath leaves me.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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4 Responses to WANTED: MUG-NAPPER

  1. KUMAGCOW says:

    500 pesos ang premyo ko =) pambawi at pambili ng bagong mug hehe

    Just let me take my time and reminisce, join my contest please! comment lang entry na! http://bit.ly/c8xrnY

  2. takoni says:

    let it go malen… let it go! acceptance lang yan malen.. and then move on. :)

  3. macappleboy says:

    Did you ever check Japok’s station or locker? You might be surprised!

    Anyway, just look on the brighter side… papayat ka niyan! LOL

  4. Wag ka mag alala ma kakarma din yan, tara isombong natin ky Tulfo, mamura lang niya yung nag nakaw ng mug mo, masaya na ko.

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