Popping Your Pimples

I have this gross habit of popping pimples until they violently erupt.

I don’t know but when I see someone with a very pronounced pimple (you know, those with creamy-white head), I always have this urge to pop it. Heck, I could even pay that person so I can pop the pimple myself hahaha. I think it’s a lot of fun hahha.

I’m sure some of you do that too. If you have this kind of weird habit, and are very prone to acne/pimples too, you have to be careful when and when not to pop it. If you have unripe pimples (those that doesn’t have a head on it) never ever squeeze it. Never even touch it in anyway and keep your hands and face clean all the time, and if you can afford it, apply exposed acne treatment.

Dermalogists say popping them is okay, but just make sure they’re ripe. You have to give them to grow haha. Wait patiently until you see the pimple is ready before you pop it, otherwise,¬†you might¬†regret it forever.


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