On Giving Gifts and Price Tags

I have this weird habit of not taking out the price tags on my pens, notebooks, books, bags and everything else, because I’m being sentimental LOL. I know it is nonsense but I do it anyway. I guess it’s my way of keeping memories.  Don’t you think it’s fun when you look back and see how the prices of ballpens have changed over the years? LOL. You know, gone are those days when life seems so simple. Some books I bought from before have their prices written on the first page, now, it’s all different, they have UPS codes (using POS systems) which actually look cool and convenient.

Ok back to price tags, once I attended a wedding and accidentally left the price tag on my wedding gift. What’s worst is that I bought that gift on sale HAHAHA. I wanted to take the tag out but I didn’t want to rip off the very elegant package so I just gave it as it is. Weeks later, I saw the couple and they teased me about the SALE ITEM I bought for them. So embarassing.

One reminder to y’all,  under proper etiquette, if it’s a gift, the price should be at least blacked out or removed.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. I on the other hand remove the price tags on every Item I bought. I really hate it. The only time I dont’ remove them is during the Kris kringle gift that I gave. Other than that I say rip’em. (but I do it very carefully.) 😀

  2. HAHAHA, the gift you gave me on my birthday still has a price tag on it. LOL. pero in fairness ang mahal niya ha. haha. advance happy birthday malensky!

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