I Need a Life!

My life at this point revolves around $$$ and internet. I spend 70% of my time worrying about money…how to earn more and how to spend them HAHAHA. The remaining 30% revolves around blogging…then youtubing, and then facebooking, and some forum-ing LOL.

Waaaa I need a life! Seriously.

My mental health is not weak, but I am not achieving full mental clarity and function. I have to many stuff running in my head. I want to keep learning, keep improving, continue moving forward but I have no focus. My current finances is soo bad. I don’t focus on long-term financial stability as my goal. I’m feeling restless..and my lifestyle is becoming unhealthy.



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  1. i guess malen we really need to invest time and effort for the future. kaya mo yan, ikaw pa, close kayo ni Bro. im just here if you need someone to talk to. let’s work on this friendship hane. love you to bits malensky!

  2. partida morning shift ka pa nyan ha! hehehe

    alam mo len, di halata na your not focused in things you do…ang dami mo kasing ginagawa e, you have many hubbies and I dont think that you don’t think clear…it’s just that something is stressing you out…ay naku!

    tsaka sabi ko naman sayo, pag pinapili ka kung “money” or “love” – dapat “love”! wag ng bitter…at choosy…lol

    miss you kahit kasama lang kita kahapon…hahaha

  3. I think you need a bit of time for yourself, go on a vacation or go out with your friends more often but dont lose focus on what you want to do

  4. Haha! Ruthie – – ako “money pa rin” hahahaha! Walang true love.

    May bago akong pakana ditse – nag da-dabble ako sa stock investing (online trading).. kaya tingnan natin kung ma-mu-multiply ko ang blogging income.. chorva.


    pag kumita, bakas ka… hahahah!

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