Laptop Memory Upgrade

I’m kinda missing my old wordpress template here. I’m thinking of putting it back again just for fun, but too bad, I forgot to backup my nosebleeding banners (credits to azrael of wppinoy). I might need to create new ones, unfortunately, my photoshop skills are failing HAHA.

And oh, my VAIO lappie is the best! Thanks Reynz (he actually paid quite big for this one). Its 250GB HDD is filled with tons of pictures, mp3s, videos and movies. I’m thinking of getting a laptop memory
upgrade to make it go super fast, but that could wait until the last quarter of this year, for now, my priority is to save money for my SLR.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hello world and hello chuvaness! heheheheh

    na miss ko ang pagbisita dito! dami na pala nangyari! 🙂

    sana may magbigay din sa akin ng lappie 😉 hahahah

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