Tsunami Across the Pacific

Yesterday’s Tsunami incident was scary. I don’t know kung kahit konti man lang eh nabahala kayo about the whole tsunami thingy but for us who live in the Pacific, news like this can make us aligaga talaga. Hello, lawanit lang kaya ang dingding namin hahaha.

Oh yeah, we live in a house that’s just probably 100 steps away from the Pacific Ocean! It’s such a beautiful place. Serene. Magnificent.

When I read the news yesterday, super bothered ako the whole day. You rem the tsunami that hit Thailand a few years back? Nobody saw it coming di ba? Ang news kahapon, 30cm high lang daw, we’ll never know, it could get worse. My point is tsunami forecasts could be inaccurate…kaya mas mainam yun prepare lagi.

So I called my mother and to my surprise, my mother and father along with Inday were all tuned in to CNN!

CNN talaga. That’s quite a surprise. Really. Actually, mas na-surfrise ako to find out na meron pala kaming TV hahah.

Alam nyo ba, prepared sila.

Some of our ka-barangays eh nag-migrate na daw sa bundok. Sarado ang mga tindahan. May mga de-lata like sardinas and noodles na naka-pack. Naka-impake ang ibang mga damit. Ang mga important papers sa vault (Orocan drawer) ni Mama,  eh naka safety na. Tahimik. Lahat nakikiramdam. Yung mga kagawad, they were actually in the baybay observing the tide,since last night pa daw. Ewan ko mukhang excited yata silang salubungin ang tsunami LOL. In all fairness, na-amaze naman ako na somehow, prepared sila.

Everything’s back to normal now. I’m just so glad that nothing bad happened. Na-realize ko na in times like this, mas mabuti na ang maging OA.


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