The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Sandara Park

Sandara Park became a hit after winning SCQ in ABS-CBN. You’ll see her on TV series, movies, billboards, commercials etc., but when Kim Chiu won PBB teen edition, her shining star started to fade. Her career ended, in short.

From what I gathered, she left the Philippines several years back to pursue studies in her mother country. I thought she was really going to a University but oh boy, all these years, she was actually attending multimedia classes to become a big star in Korea.

Now, after a few years of not appearing on screen, the phenomenal star is back and shining better than ever! Last year, she debuted as a part of girl group 2NE1. Oh, I am a fan of 2NE1 eh eh eh eh eh!

Her rise to popularity skyrocketed in less than a year. Korean entertainemnt industry love everything about her – her looks, moves, voice and everything else. What’s there not to love about her and her sweet baby face? I’m shocked to know she’s already 26! Wonder if she’s using any anti aging product? HAHA

And yes, albeit her not-so-professional voice, she invaded the KPOP industry massively (of course, with the help of 2NE1). You can hear their hit songs Fire and I don’t care everywhere.

Sandara is the bomb.

She’s done cameo role for a korean series Return of Iljimae, starred in an MTV with very popular hottie, featured in G-Dragon’s solo album for track “Hello”, kissed Lee Minho aka Gu Jun Pyo of BOF craze for Cass beer, released a solo single “kiss” which became a hit, guested in a popular variety show called Family Outing, had various endorsements like Fila, Samsung Corby phones, Bean Pole Jeans (no more BNY jeans hahaha, Wentworth Miller was once an endorser of BP jeans too) and now, movie producers want her to star in the Korean version of Step Up.

At first, she captured the hearts of the Filipinos, and now the Koreans. I don’t know but it seems that there’s really something about this girl that draws people to her without even trying.

I think that’s because she’s really beautiful, inside out.



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