La Union and Ilocos Tour Plus, It’s Official, I am Betting My Life on Gibo Teodoro HAHAHA

Pic spam from our La Union and Ilocos tour last month. Enjoy!

Vigan at night is very romantic.

@ Chavit’s Baluarte in Ilocos. It’s not just a zoo, Baluarte is an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility. Free entrance. What’s amazing is you can play with the animals freely roaming around…like tigers, camel…

and live dinosaurs! HAHAHA

Here’s Vigan in broad daylight:

I love Vigan! brings back the memories of the past.

Losing Money at the casino HAHAHA

Paoay church in Ilocos

Can you believe that this church was founded in 1593?

credits: jadeee

Awesome and breathtaking!

Scary Pugos beach in Ilocos

Santorini in La Union

A nice classy hotel by the beach.

La Union Surfing

Lovers in La Union

Oh nooo! Super crush Papa Piolo!! IDK if it’s him but he’s equally handsome as Piolo Pascual.

This thing is really heavy.

Having fun in the sun!

Surfing session

Go Ruthie you can do it babeeey!

Can you see me over there on the side struggling to get up? Epic fail.

major hotties hahaha

You know, whether you believe it or not, the Philippines is an awesome place! There are over 7107++ reasons why you should visit Pinas. Enough of negativity. Pinas is awesome!

PS, don’t forget to vote wisely. It’s now official. I’m betting my life on Gibo Teodoro HAHAHA. Noynoy is OK too IMO…but I think Gibo is better. He has the intellect and leadership.

Gibo FTW!


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