Enjoy Your Weekends!

It’s been a crazy week for me.

First, business is good. I keep getting orders from friends’s friends’ friends. Yeay to the power of networking and social climbing! HAHA

Thanks to everyone who purchased/ordered. Super thank you for likiing my creations 🙂 Thank you and I promise to get better next time.

2nd, I’m now re-arranging my priorities in life.

It’s always been me then me, me, me and me and then others LOL. Now, it’s YOU and only YOU whoever you are. I’ll say goodbye to ME-FIRST attitude so help me God.

Thank you to Ateng Lee! I can’t help it, I know you don’t want me to tell this to the world but thank you for your generosity and good heart. I must pay you back one way or another. Mwaaaah. I heart you!

So happy for you aimzster. Gosh, you and Aaron resemble each other. Wiiih! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!

Watch out for my bonngang bonggang negative review on Discover Asia International Travel and Tours on my next entry.


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