Starting a Beading Business

If you’re looking for a hobby that brings out your creative flair, and at the same time, give you added income, you could try starting your own beading business.

I started mine several years back. At first, it was just pure hobby , but now, I am making a career out of it! I am actually earning pretty decent amount from creatinghandmade jewelries.

To start on beading, all you need are beads, tools and a very imaginative mind, also, it’s very important that you have a well-lighted room. I do beading in the living room more often, while watching TV, but it’s very stressful. I find it hard to focus since I’m glued on watching haha. I am thinking of turning the extra room upstairs as my bead room. Now I just need to buy a desk table and lamp, or maybe add a wall sconce to give adequate lighting.

There are no rules in beading. Try experimenting with different colors, sizes and texture. In time, you’ll become more talented, and you can create your own signature design.

BTW, I’m open for any consignment, just contact me for the details.


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