2010 Projects

Here are the projects lined up for this 2010:

1. Project #1: Renovating the living room. Bought new tv stands and book cabinet 2 weeks ago. Looks good in the living room. There’s also a new carpet in the living room. The over all theme will be modern and comfy. Maybe next next month, I’ll buy a new sofa.

2. Project #2: Renovating the Bedroom. I want super soft pillows, new bed sheets and pillow sheets plus, a vanity table.

3. Project #3: Renovating the Kitchen. I want a set of Corelle dinnerwares! A set of Teflon cooking pans. 7 piece Lock & Lock food containers. A La Germania. Set of baking pans. And a sterilizing cabinet!

I need a dryer too!

Now I need to work extra hard to do all these, so help me God.


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