Drink a Glass of Fresh Fruit Juice in the Morning to Stay Fit

I bumped into an old friend in MOA last Saturday whom I haven’t seen her for years and I am so amazed to see her looking good as ever! I envy her. What’s surprising is that she used to be really really big back in college and it’s quite a surprise to see how fit she is right now, and really pretty too.

She tried different diet plans, just before she got married, but the one that worked for her is Herbalife drinks. I tried it too but I cannot force myself to like the chocolate protein drink so it didn’t work for me. I tried weight loss pills before and it’s really effective.

Right now, she’s maintaining her weight by limiting her carbo intake, and drinking fresh fruit juice each morning. And since I am such a “gaya-gaya“….I am buying a juicer today!!! Yeay!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. yvette says:

    hi malen, sinong classmate natin un? pa-blind item ka pa ha :)

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