Second Chances

My swimming skills are very limited to a few butterfly strokes, floating and dog paddling. I thought if I knew how to, at least, float, I can avoid drowning myself but oh boy, I was sooo wrong.

It all happened last Jan16 at Pug-os beach in Cabugao Ilocos. I knew it! Even before jumping into the waters, I told my friends beforehand that the waves are kinda crazy, like it can eat you alive. I was hesitant to go on but for some reasons, I continued walking with them.

We stopped walking when the water was already high-waist, I guess. It was fun swimming through the waves at first. We were even talking about a certain Tsunami documentary I watched on Nat Geo several days back. I told my friends how scary it was, and then maybe a few seconds after I told them that, we were flushed out by a bigger wave. It pushed us  backwards to the sea…at first, I could still feel the sand and I still managed to walk a few steps….and then I saw my bestfriend struggling  so I grabbed her and we held hands for a few sec but we got separated when another wave came in…at that point, I almost panicked. Ok , I actually panicked. We were probably just a few feet away from each other but she seems too far. She was trying to swim while calling out for Carol, who was lucky to save herself faster than us.

Another wave came and it kept on pushing me back…until I can’t swim anymore. I had a moutful of seawater already so I dog-paddled to save myself. I struggled. I prayed and then, all sort of things came to my mind. You know, those flashback moments in black and white.

Yes, it’s like we’re filming a drama.

Lord, I don’t ever want to cause my loved ones any pain. I don’t wanna die this way. I don’t want a tragic death. Not now please.

I honestly felt super scared and lonely being left there alone. I can see my bff for 14years from afar struggling, Toni/Jeff cuddling each other on the other side, Carol’s already walking safely, Jadie and her bf were happily enjoying each other’s company by the shore while I was there in the middle, nearing death already. I was too arrogant that I did not even shout for help.

Good thing, Toni and Jeff saw me and ruthie, reached out for our hands and dragged us out of hell. All 4 of us walked out of the sea safely. Thank you Jeff and Toni, I will forever be indebted to you.

Typically, in situations like that, one would cry really hard. I tried to but I was too shocked that my tears wont even flow. It was really really scary. I remained silent there, and looked back at my life. I realized, I have been wasting too many hours trying to be perfect. Charing lang!!!

Seriously, I reflected on some lessons and I’d like to share with you guys:

1. Trust your instinct. Listen to your inner feelings when you get uncomfortable about a situation. If it doesn’t look good or safe, don’t go.

2. Pride wont save you. It’s ok to SHOUT for HELP once in a while.

3. Cherish the people around you, always.

4. Lastly, cherish your life.

This is my second chance at life and I promise to do really well. Hugs to you and hope we could still share lots and lots of happy memories together. 🙂

Sharing this video because Tamia is awesome, plus the song is love!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Yup! This is an experience I wanted to forget but I could not and should not. Lessons learned. Good thing we’re alive and kicking after that. Thanks to Mario and Ton ton again! 🙂

    Swimming ulit tau?!?!?

  2. yes, katakot ung nangyare sa beach… life is too short.. live it to the fullest!!!! now, mabalik tau sa indebted indebted na yan.. sa halagang……. hahahahaahaha

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