True Love Weds

I am a witness┬áto Toni and Jeff’s beautiful love story….because I sit between them all the time haha. What started out as simple “tuksuhan” ended up into something really wonderful. Soo happy for you guys! Weeeh! I’ve known Toni for years and I am happy that finally, after being loveless for some time, she finally found her better half. And to Jeff, I owe you big time pare. Ruth and I will never forget you haha.

I wish you two would tie the knot soon, perhaps we could receive the wedding inviations early next year? (check out if you’re looking for communion invitations)

Continue to love one another! :)


Delivered by Madam Auring

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2 Responses to True Love Weds

  1. TAKONI says:

    aaawww… so cheesy.. so yummy.. hahahaha… wohoooo!!! hanep, pwede… pwede..

  2. Cee says:

    Wow naman… Pabati na lang… Wala ata sya FB e

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