This is a True Story

The NEW ME starring Adeng

This is my very talented cousin Betty La Perya whom I adore sooo much. Betty used to have a lot of break outs as you can see on that picture.

She has always been a flawless child, until one day, pimples started to sprout like mushrooms all over her pretty face. At first, I thought it’s caused by stress and school pressures, so I told her to quit studying hahaha. She told me it all began after usng an expired P*n*’s facial wash.

She’s tried diff soaps, cosulted diff dermatologists, tried adult acne treatment but nothing seems to work. But God is soo good to here haha. She really is blessed with a beautiful skin bec the last time I saw her, the pimples are gone and she’s as cutie as ever. Her face is shining! No scars at all. She thought “if P*n*’s cause the acne, it must also be the one to remove it.” So she tried the P*n*’s Age Mir**** Cream for 6 mos, and noticed the improvements in her face later on.

So the moral of the story is to never use P*nds I mean expired products. LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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