Surfing in Sebay, La Union

Whoooaaahh!!! Finally, I tried surfing for the first time at Sebay La Union! The same place where Jericho R. used to hang out and surf. It’s super fun! Been wanting to try it since I saw Robbie’s pictures several years back. It seems fun and easy.

Trying hard. Really.

Before jumping into the waters, the instructors gave us some tips about the proper way of standing up on a sufboard. I thought it was easy…but I was sooo wrong. I can’t even bring myself to stand up straight, much more to balance in waters.

My first attemp was epic fail. I fell, drank lots of water and got hurt but after a few more attempts, I managed to stand up with a freaking hilarious pose for 2 seconds! I know I failed big time, but it was my first time. I am more than eager to come back after I lose some weight. Guess it’s time to shed off some fats with diet, exercise and maybe with safe and effectivefat loss pills too.

Sebay, I’ll be back and try my luck next time. Yeaaay!


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