How To Cure Migraines

Every once in a while, I get migraines and I hate how it ruins my day in an instant! Do you get migraines too? I often get that throbbing feel on my right temple. It’s always on the right side. I don’t know, maybe because I am right-handed? Or maybe because the right part of my brain is more functional haha.

I don’t know what causes it but more often, it happens when I am overworked…or when I tend to overdo things – oversleeping, reading for hours, dvd marathon, excessive use of internet. They don’t usually last that long, what I do when they attack is to take a bath. Quick cold bath. I don’t really take meds like aspirin or any painkillers as I don’t want to be too dependent on drugs. I also make sure I stop whatever I do, relax myself a bit and get myself to sleep.

If you’re suffering from severe headaches that don’t respond to simple treatments, it’s high time you talk to your doctor about migraine treatments that can help you. Migraines may be like a common headache only but hey, that doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous.

I hope you stay fit and healthy always.


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