3 Wishes

I had a very interesting conversation with my friends last week, while touring up north. We were talking about our top 3 wishes for this year and it was fun knowing how each of us have almost the same desires for ourselves.

Toni wants to be with Mario 24/7.

Mario wants to be with Toni 24/7. I know super cheesy, right?

Errol wants a plasma TV. I want! I want!

Jadie wants a house and lot, wedding and a car, a ferrari perhaps. (looking for Ferrari parts? check out www.ricambiamerica.com)

Ruthie wants a proposal too and a car that she can use for carpool haha…and a stable business by the time she reach 35 yo.

Carol wants a proposal and baby. Go go go Carol!

My answer to the question was a surprise to everyone. More than anything in this world, I only desire for peace to all mankind. Haha charing!!! Well, of course, I wholeheartedly answered…MONEY. No more. No less.

How about you? What are your wishes for this year?


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  1. TAKONI says:

    hahaha… go go go KORIMAR!!!!!

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