First Post in 2010

Yeay I’m back! How’s your holiday season guys? I hope you had lots fun with your fam and friends. Me? I got busy at work, as usual. Whooo! Can’t believe 2010 is here.

January is said to be the coldest month in a year but why is it not cold enough here in Pinas? Last year was different. I would almost freeze to death whenever I take a bath very early in the morning. These days, I don’t feel that friggin cold anymore. Climate change, I guess. I sometimes wish we have more cold months here in Pinas. And winter season for a week sounds wonderful. HAHA. Don’t you just love to have your kids play with snow at your backyard. Spend family bonding at a skii resort. You get to wear trendy jackets, sweaters, beanies, gloves and boots! And every house has its own wood heaters and yeah, chimneys! HAHA. Plus, you get to sleep comfortably under an electric blanket! How cool is that?

Happy 2010 to all!


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