Acne Treatment

You know I work very early in the morning as in super early like 4Am! and I find it really hard waking up at dawn to take a bath. It is friggin cold. That’s why I usually set my alarm 10mins earlier so I can prepare for hot water. The problem is, whenever I do this, I get more prone to acne. I don’t know, my guess is that hot water open the pores of my skin. So I make sure that I rinse my face with cold water just before I finish my morning regimen. Also, I use L’Oreal Deep Pore Cleansing toner and facial wash – one of the best acne treatments there is! I’ve taken for granted my face skin so it isn’t as smooth as a procelain doll anymore haha but with an acne treatment that really works – enough sleep + more water intake + L’Oreal – my pores have become smaller (they aren’t as visible as they used to) and yes, I am acne free.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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